Retirement Plans

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Direct your company’s future with effective retirement plan options

We help your employees reach their financial goals while managing your retirement plan liability.

Retirement can sound like a dream come true … if you have planned for your financial needs in advance. As an employer, you want to launch your loyal employees into a happy future. In recruiting new talent for your company, you want to attract and retain employees with a competitive benefits package. As a qualified retirement plan sponsor, you want to fulfill all of your obligations to enhance their retirement readiness.

There’s no “easy button” to push to make it all happen immediately, but there is an anticipatory advisor who is ready to take many of the burdens and responsibilities of retirement plan liability off your shoulders. HORNE Wealth Advisors is that anticipatory advisor.

Plans designed for your participants’ needs

Your employees aren’t investment experts, so we make it simple. We offer a range of managed, risk-based investment models designed for long-term wealth accumulation, including flexible options for more sophisticated participants.

We follow a research-based discipline that avoids the temptation of speculative market timing. And since effective recruiting and retention strategies include a strong retirement plan offering, we help you design a qualified plan you can be proud to offer.

Experienced retirement plan advisors

While you focus on growing your business, HORNE Wealth Advisors and our strategic partner, BAM Advisor Services, serve as a ERISA 3(21) Fiduciary Investment Advisor and ERISA 3(38) Investment Manager, respectively.

Whether you prefer a 401(k), 403(b), profit sharing or cash balance plan, HORNE Wealth Advisors has the experience to help you simplify your qualified retirement plan offering.

Leading your retirement plan team

A strong retirement plan needs the skills of multiple investment and operational specialists. HORNE Wealth Advisors is experienced at guiding these teams, facilitating communications and ensuring smooth operations. As a plan fiduciary, we have a vested interest and a serious commitment to help assist you with the administrative burdens that can distract your staff.

We help your employees see what is possible

Your team isn’t exactly like anyone else’s, so we customize our plan participant education services to fit them. We offer ongoing education meetings and one-on-one sessions, monitoring employee engagement and assisting each to meet their individual retirement savings goals. Your employees can make educated decisions that will help them reach their retirement savings goals while achieving peace of mind about their budget and risk tolerance.

We also understand the importance of helping your employees achieve their retirement timing goals. Employees who have the financial need to work past typical retirement age can negatively impact healthcare and business overheads. Effective and early planning retirement planning can help your employees retire sooner, and help you better manage overall employee expense.

Meeting with Plan Sponsor or Committee and Assisting with Plan Requirements

HORNE Wealth Advisors assists with your retirement plan documentation, meeting with the Plan Sponsor or Plan Committee at least once each year. We help you establish goals for the plan, we help you monitor and track progress, and we report on the plan’s status. We’re an extension of your team, helping you establish best practices in plan documentation and internal plan operations. We also help you review service providers and fees and conduct benchmarking.